Woman Claims Trump ‘Groped Her Like An Octopus’

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Written By Saeed Maleki

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is unravelling as more allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour hit the headlines.

Trump is besieged by claims of sexual transgressions against women dating back three decades.

One relates to a 10-year-old girl who he said he would be dating a decade later as he watched her cross the lobby in one of his casinos in 1992.

He would have been 46-years-old at the time the incident allegedly took place.

Inappropriate sexual behaviour

Besides this shocking episode, other allegations include:

  • Two contestants in the Miss USA pageant claiming Trump deliberately walked in on them when they were nude in a dressing room
  • Two women describing how Trump groped or kissed them without consent
  • A woman alleging she was groped whole attending an event at his estate in Florida.
  • A journalist who says Trump forced himself on her shortly before an interview in 2005

One described Trump as like being ‘groped by an octopus’.

Trump has issued a statement denying the allegations, arguing they were attempts to damage his reputation in the run up to the US elections.

Earlier, he had dismissed his bragging about his sexual exploits caught on tape as ‘locker room banter’ before he apologised on TV.

His apology gave the comments credibility that they were true and have led to Republicans disassociating with their presidential election candidate en masse.

Trump besieged by lies and taunts

A backlash of protests against Trump’s attitude to women are now leading the debate about who should become president rather than a focus on politics and policies.

Trump’s TV apology was the second of his campaign involving his disgraceful behaviour towards women. He had accused a Miss Universe contestant of offering sex for cash and insulted her body shape.

The scandal over Trump and women stands alongside his controversial refusal to publish his tax returns and allegations he has lied in TV debates.

His way of trying to handle the stress was to deflect the criticism to rival Hillary Clinton’s husband, who he accessed of sexual impropriety while in office.

Trump has also threatened to jail Ms Clinton for a cover up in an inquiry about thousands of deleted emails.