Winklevoss Twins On Trail Of Missing $32m Bitcoin

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

The Winklevoss twins seem to spend most of their time tied up in legal battles – and the latest is a $32 million law suit over 5,000 ‘missing’ Bitcoins.

Cameron and Tyler made a fortune with a writ against Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, claiming a share of the billions raised when the social network was floated.

Now the Winklevoss twins are taking on Charlie Shrem, best known for going to jail over his shady dealings with dark web site The Silk Road.

The twins claim they are funding Shrem’s lavish lifestyle since leaving prison – which includes buying a $2 million Florida home, two powerboats and two Maserati sports cars.

They say Shrem claimed he was broke when he went to prison and the Bitcoin he stole from them that he was supposed to invest has bolstered his spending power.

Shrem’s lawyer denies the claims.

PortSmash reveals crypto codes

Hardware experts are warning the latest malware exploiting chips in computers can potentially give up cryptocurrency keys and passwords to hackers.

PortSmash is the codename for the new malware that attacks hyperthreading technology in Intel chips.

Security experts say PortSmash cannot be defended against by traditional security.

The vulnerability exists in servers as well as other computers.

“I feel remote login scenarios are the biggest targeted threat,” said Billy Bob Brumley, who exposed the malware. “Here, a malicious user with credentials logs in, compiles the exploit code, and runs it to extract information from other processes running in parallel.”

XRP on the rise again

Cryptocurrency markets have enjoyed a buoyant few days – with XRP gaining the most out of the top coins.

XRP was up more than 4% to $0.48 on trading.

Moving down the scale, Exchange Union (XUC) was showing a 6.44% increase to $4.14 and Basic attention Token (BAT) was up 6.71% at 0.31.

Bitcoin Cash was one of the largest fallers, down 6.43% to $548.09, closely followed by Ravencoin (RVN), which dropped 5.45% to $0.04 and GIFTO (GTO) slumping 5.25% to $0.06.

Latest Prices

Bitcoin – $6,431.78 (-0.14%)

Bitcoin Cash – $548.09 (-6.43%)

Ethereum – $208.30 (+1.08%)

XRP – $0.48 (+4.12%)

Litecoin – $53.21 (-3.5%)