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Wim Hof will be hosting an event in Thailand on the tropical island of Ko Phangan from 27th of November 2019 to 3rd of December 2019

Wim Hof Method Koh Phangan in Thailand is your key to getting away from your noisy and distracted life, and experience a complete reset.

Although this exclusive Thailand retreat is brand new and small scale, the event will serve as your guide in learning the power of the Wim Hof Method from Wim himself and other qualified experienced Wim Hof Instructors.

Thailand Wim Hof Retreat

Wim Hof Thailand Ko Phangan

In Thailand they value their tradition, with friendly hospitality, and amazing people who welcome visitors and keeps them under the care of Buddha. Wim Hof Retreat in Thailand will place you in paradise where you can learn the Wim Hof Method surrounded by nature and fresh air.

Running away from your busy town and life only to jump into another crowded city is like going from one frying pan directly into the fire. So, when you think Thailand, think about Thai quaint little villages and islands where there is some solitude.

With its gifts from nature such as green palm trees, with beaches, and their blue water, Thailand is a sparkling country and a paradise in disguise.

Some say, only a sleeping body is not busy hustling. If it is so, why did the Maker rest on the 7th day? Or how come, big hustle boys like Bill Gates and his counterparts are still searching for quiet holiday spots?

Sometimes, you have to take a break somewhere quiet and less busy to meditate on what’s past, what’s happening, and what is to come.

What Will You Gain?

Here, you are to learn how to rebalance the body and mind by practicing Wim Hof’s breathing techniques and cold therapy through yoga and meditation.

You will also see that a recalibrated immune system and massaged cardiovascular network flushes out biochemical debris.

Feel the calmness that the suffusion of oxygen brings and how cold helps to center the mind.

The echo of the tranquil surroundings deepens your clarity and stillness while practicing against a pure white sand backdrop, crystal clear skies, as well as a vast, peaceful ocean.

Learning the Wim Hof Method helps to reach a level of peace and clarity which will make you strong, healthier, and bring assured happiness.

Location Offer

While you are on your way to this retreat, here is a list of what they will offer you there.

  • There is luxurious accommodation for all who will attend.
  • Lunch and dinner are available for attendees. Your food includes a wide selection of nutritious cuisine from the West and Thailand.
  • Wim Hof and other WHM instructors will train and guide you.
  • There will be breathing sessions.
  • You will gain knowledge of how to practice yoga, cold therapy, and meditation.
  • They offer freedom to access all facilities in the venue including their infinity pool.

Retreat Instructor

As an instructor, Wim Hof will host the Thailand Retreat 2019.

Instructor Level

Wim Hof is truly a Wim Hof – popularly known as the Iceman Instructor.

In summary, according to this man, when we have control over the mind, doors we never knew existed starts to open.


The 2019 WHM retreat will happen live at Koh Phangan, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani, Thailand.

A Beauty to Behold

For those who wish to watch the spectacular sunsets, this hotel, located on the tropical island of Koh Phangan is the place for you. The hotel is above the Haad Yao and Haad Chao Phao unspoiled beaches with the best panoramic sea view from the hillside.

Here, one can have a clear view of beautiful spots such as the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui and of course Angthong National Marine Park.

What They Offer

They have different luxury apartment style rooms for groups and individuals such as –

  • Couples or the entire family
  • Lone travelers
  • Group of 6 persons.

Their spacious apartments have large indoors and outdoors terraces where you can view the green gardens and the amazing ocean.

You can either chill at their well-known infinity poolside or wander off for free to the Haad Chao Phao beaches or Tranquil Secret.

While renting a motorbike is good – it is better to explore the beautiful island of Koh Phangan (a paradise on earth)

Don’t say you didn’t hear it – because you heard it first.

Who is Wim Hof

The name, Iceman, became the nickname of Wim Hof after he broke records exposing himself to extreme cold. Some of his daredevil moves include –

  • The Iceman wore only shorts to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • He ran a half marathon race alone on bare feet above the Arctic Circle.
  • He climbed into a container filled with ice cubes and stood there for up to 112 minutes.

His Kind Heart

After embracing nature’s majestic force, Hof made up his mind to let the rest of the world know about his outstanding discovery. He believes that people shouldn’t invest the same decades it took him to travel, study, and dared to tap into this potential. He, therefore, wrote about his principles to ease off the stress he had to undergo to learn all these.

The WHM is one of the few natural means to reach an optimal state of both body and mind.

Wim Hof’s Extraordinary Achievements

For as long as it took him, the Iceman has achieved a lot for himself, not to mention his breaking of 21 Guinness World Records. With extensive training, he controls his breathing, blood circulation, heart rate and also stands fit even in extreme temperatures.

Here are some of his lifetime achievements worth remembering.

  • A half marathon run above the cold Arctic Circle, wearing only shorts and racing on barefoot.
  • Hof swam up to 66 meters underneath the ice.
  • He hanged with one hand at a 2,000 meters altitude.
  • The Iceman wore only shorts to climb one of the world’s highest mountains.
  • Hof ran a full marathon without water in the Namib Desert.
  • He stood in a container of ice cubes for a longer time.

What He Believes

His motto is simple – if the Iceman did it, then others can learn and do the same. People from different fields of life including professional athletes and even celebrities learn how to control their minds and bodies with the Wim Hof Method.

One thing is sure – with this method, you can go ahead like the rest of the pack and achieve the extraordinary.

The Three Powerful Pillars of Wim Hof Method

Below are the 3 pillars that the Wim Hof Method is built around.

Cold Therapy

Wim Hof Thailand Cold Therapy

Only with this Wim Hof Method will you understand that cold is your new warm friend. A proper cold exposure awakens numerous health benefits such as –

  • Building brown adipose tissue
  • Reducing fat
  • Fortifies the immune system by reducing inflammation.
  • Balancing hormone levels
  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • Endorphins production – these brain chemicals make you feel good by elevating the mood.


Wim Hof Thailand Breathing

Breathing makes up the second pillar of the Wim Hof Method. Everyone breathes, but not all are aware of its tremendous potential. Only the Wim Hof Method of specialized breathing can unearth the treasure trove of benefits associated with heightened oxygen levels such as –

  • Reduced stress levels
  • More energy
  • An augmented immune response to deal with pathogens.


Wim Hof Thailand Commitment

The other two pillars rely on the third pillar of the Wim Hof Method. Patience and dedication are necessary for mastering cold exposure as well as conscious breathing. A focused and determined person is close to exploring the secrets of both the body and mind.

How to Practice the Wim Hof Method

This outline is only but the basics of the method. Hof doesn’t run a charitable organization, so you will have to pay a certain amount to get the complete details. But the below procedure is also helpful to some extent.

  1. Sit down and make yourself comfortable
  2. Breath quickly and deeply for 30 times
  3. This method requires you to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
  4. Take a deep breath and after exhaling, hold for sometime before breathing in.
  5. Inhale deeply again and remain that way for 10 seconds.

Benefits of Wim Hof Method

According to scientific research, those who practice the Wim Hof Method regularly have a stronger immune system that responds well to pathogens, unlike others. Apart from that, here is the full list of all the benefits.

1- Mental Health Improvement

This method improves your mental health which determines your overall psychological well-being.

2- Increase Sports Performance

Those who are training hard to improve their sports performance can use this method to accelerate their speed.

3- Relieve Stress

Combining meditation, breathing exercises, and cold exposure help to regulate stress levels.

4- More Energy

The Wim Hof Method teaches how to focus energy on important things instead of using it unnecessarily.

5- Better Sleep

This method helps you to sleep well so that you will wake up the next day feeling energetic.

6- Workout Recovery

With this method, the body quickly recovers from physical exercises.

7- Increase Willpower

Practicing the Wim Hof Method helps to bring out the genius in you.

8- Boost Concentration

Once you start practicing the Wim Hof Method, you begin to concentrate more.

9- Deal With Depression

If you are finding it difficult to overcome depression, this method is a natural way of relieving yourself from various symptoms that relate to clinical depression.

10- Recovery from Burnout

With this method, you can do the following.

  • Hold a grip on your day to day struggles
  • Reset the entire nervous system
  • Recover your energy after burning out.

11- Relief from Fibromyalgia

It is always hard to treat this particular disorder, and that is why it takes time to go. But with the Wim Hof Method, you can relieve the body of any symptom that has to do with Fibromyalgia.

12- Arthritis Relief

Anyone practicing this method does not require medication as the WHM is a natural relief for arthritis.

13- COPD Management

The WHM helps persons suffering from this disease to improve the quality of their lives.

14- Improve Creativity

Creativity is like a sleeping baby – you can wake it once the time is right. So, an artist, a writer, a designer of any kind, or a professional can use this method to enjoy the daily benefits of improved creativity.

15- Improve Cold Tolerance

The cold exposure is gaining popularity around the world due to its link to numerous health benefits such as inflammation reduction and enhanced immune response.

Wim Hof 2019 Retreats Around the World

This year, Hof will not only be in Thailand for retreat, he will also be touring around the world teaching people from all races. Here is a list of cities where his tickets have sold out.

1- On May 18, 2019, he will hold a one day retreat at Austurbakki 2, Reykjavik, Iceland.

2- On 08 Dec 2019, he will hold a one day retreat at Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park NSW, Australia.

3- On 28 of June 2019, there will be a six days retreat at Mediano, Spain.

Thailand as the Best Location for Yoga Retreats, Meditation, and Self-Exploration

Wim Hof Method Thailand

Are you a yogi with passion? Then you should travel to Thailand. Known as one of the world hottest travel destinations and a top 5 in the world for yoga retreats. This Southeast Asian jewel possesses a lot of kind people, stunning beaches, warm weather, and affordable living.

All these put together makes Thailand a paradise for retreats such as yoga, meditation, and self-exploration.

Breath Inspired based in Thailand offer Breathwork training and experiences from different types, such as the Wim Hof Method, Breatheology and Dan Brule. As well as breath work directly related to sports such as the Art Of Breath, and XPT

Reasons to Choose Thailand for Your Yoga Retreat.

A Unique Culture And Spirituality

In Thailand, religion and spirituality is part and parcel of peoples lives. The flower decorations, incense, and Buddhist offerings in most of their yoga studios make the place ideal for medication and self-exploration.

Friendly People

They have a welcoming spirit worth emulating. Travelers can always feel at home while doing the right thing in Thailand.

Warm Weather

The weather of Thailand is the best for practicing yoga, medication, and self-exploration. Their warm weather forces sweat out and get rid of toxins in the body.

Why did Wim Hof choose Thailand for his Yoga retreat? He is an extremist who loves to explore new places. And looking at the beauty of Thailand, you can’t afford to miss having a feel of this paradise.

Wim Hof Method Thailand Video

Watch the intro video for Wim Hof Method Thailand workshops by Stuart Wilson