“Western Countries Want to Make Iranian Students Unfaithful to Islamic Values”

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Hamid-Reza Haji Babaee, the current Minister of Education, says the Western countries are trying hard to make Iranian students unfaithful to Islamic and moral values and remove them from the “ship of Imam Hussain”.

“All the authorities and officials must do their best to introduce the rich Islamic culture to Iranian students and make them familiar with the great theories of Islam. Currently the most important concern of families is upbringing of their children.” said Haji Babaee, the former lawmaker, during a meeting with a number of Iranian students.

“If we help them (students) to choose the best way of living according to Islamic guidance, then we will have a more prosperous country in future. To achieve this goal we are going to open more than 1500 schools to teach the Quranic notions. This is one of the great goals of Education ministry.” Hamid-Reza Haji Babaee added.

“However the Western governments in cooperation with Zionism bloc have started malicious activates against Islamic values to make our students disloyal to Islam and its sacred characters.” Haji Babaee concluded.

Iranian government has put many efforts to force people to follow Islamic rules but the results were negative.