Vlatko Grozdanoski Wants to Extend his Contract with Persepolis FC

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Written By Mohsen Salami

Vlatko Grozdanoski Wants to Extend his Contract with Persepolis FC

Vlatko Grozdanoski, the Macedonian footballer of Persepolis FC, says his teammates are prepared to win Iran’s Hazfi Cup championship.

Reds must face Sepahan FC in final game of Iran’s Hazfi Cup. The match will be held at Azadi Sports Complex of Tehran. “It is really great for us to play in Tehran. Moreover, we can enjoy the support from our fans. I personally think the stadium will be full of spectators in the final day.” Vlatko Grozdanoski told Pars Herald.

Regarding the result, Grozdanoski said: “Both teams have same chance in winning this championship. But the players of Persepolis FC are eager to claim the title, as we have not performed very well in Iran Pro League. So, we have prepared ourselves for this match in the best ways. Also, the technical team had analyzed the opponent for us in training sessions.”

He went on to make comments about Yahya Golmohammadi, the head coach of Persepolis FC. “I have satisfactory relations with Golmohammadi. He used to be a charismatic player in Team Melli and Persepolis FC, and I anticipate a bright future for him in his coaching career. I believe that he thinks positively toward me, because I try to give my best services to the team whenever I play for Persepolis FC.”

“My contract with Persepolis FC will expire at the end of season. I have not yet talked with the officials of the club on this subject. However, I’m satisfied with my conditions in Iran. By the way, I’m ready to extend the contract with this team.” Vlatko Grozdanoski concluded.