Is Uwe Boll The Worst Film Director Ever?

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

One of the worst film directors ever has decided to stop trying to grace the silver screen with his special brand of movie.

Uwe Boll is giving up film making because no one wants to watch his movies.

Boll achieved just a miserable 1% on Rotten Tomatoes for the video game based Alone In The Dark, the lowest rating critics have given any film ever on the internet site.

The movie was the worst film of 2005 and still ranks as the lowest rated movie a decade later.

Finding a copy of the movie is tough, but an online trailer talks of the plot involving a paranormal detective who fights demons trying to take over the Earth through a supernatural portal.

Scathing reviews

However, Boll failed to find favour with his critics, who described the movie as:

  • “A ruptured appendix of a movie, spewing toxic chemicals upon everything it touches”
  • “Alone In The Dark may very well be the worst film I’ve ever seen in my life”
  • “To call Alone In The Dark a failure is an insult to failures everywhere”

The movie starred American Pie actress Tara Reid

German Boll, 51, is well-known for self-financing low-budget films often based on popular video games.

Boll is a controversial figure who has raged against the Hollywood movie machine throughout his career.

After Alone In The Dark bombed at the box office, he threatened to fight his harshest critics in the boxing ring,

Five contestants lined up against him and Boll won all the fights.

Truly rotten

Boll has a list of poor performing credits to his name, including Blubberella, the Rampage series and Stoic.

Rotten Tomatoes is a social networking site for film buffs.

“Inept on almost every level, Alone In The Dark may not work as a thriller, but it’s good for some head-slapping, incredulous laughter,” says the site.

The film is rated by 117 critics on the web site, with 116 calling the film ‘rotten’.

However, the movie allegedly gross more than $5 million at the box office between launch in January 2005 and going to DVD in May of the same year.