UK Primed for EU Exit

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Written By Saeed Maleki

aMerkel1The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated in a German magazine that she would rather the UK exit the EU than close its borders to the huge influx of eastern Europeans pouring into the country each month.

Merkel has apparently confided in close allies that the UK is “nearing the point of no return.” This won’t come as too much of a blow to a British public who generally feel like the identity of their historic land has been continually compromised by EU membership, with various laws being administered in Brussels which are not deemed fit by UK voters for British consumption.

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Although Downing Street has issued no statement in response to Merkel’s interview, Prime Minister David Cameron has previously stated that he wishes to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s EU membership. One of the key components of his negotiations will be the freedom of movement within Europe which on the face of it seems to have had a far greater impact on Britain than any other EU member.

Germany have already blocked attempts made by Britain to limit the distribution of National Insurance numbers to only include those in employment, and to deport immigrants who have not found employment within the first three months of arriving on British shores.

Merkel sees Cameron as attempting to stretch the rules to their very breaking point, but with immigration being an ongoing issue in the run up to a General Election, where the threat of losing seats to UKIP is a very real possibility, Cameron has said he will be making a statement before Christmas on the matter, and he will only ever act in Britain’s best interests.

Pro-EU politicians have stated that if Britain wants to compete with America and China in terms of financial clout and growth, it simply must stay as an EU member. If Britain wants to quell immigration, it looks like it will have to leave.

Will there be an EU membership referendum in the same manner as the recent Scottish Independence vote? Who knows, but the issue will continue to rumble on until affirmative action is taken.