UAE is the First Destination of Made-in-Tehran Products

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Written By Farid Shojaei

According to the new statistics revealed by Iran’s Ministry of Industries and Business, United Arab Emirates is the first destination of made-in-Tehran products. The provincial branch of Industries and Business organization in Tehran reports that more than $775 million worth of goods have been exported to UAE during the first eight months of current Persian year. It’s good to know that exported products to UAE will be re-exported to other countries as Iran has cut its economical ties with Western bloc.

Base on this report, Afghanistan with more than $476 million imports is placed second in this list. Iraq and Turkey are ranked third and fourth in the list of Tehran’s importers with $416 million and $216 million worth of good respectively.

Although the United States and European Union have imposed severe sanctions on Iran’s economy but Germany and Italy are among the top importers of goods from Tehran. Accordingly German companies have bought $124 million worth of goods and services from Tehran and Italy has submitted transactions up to $75 million in trades with Tehran province.

The officials of Industries and Business Ministry said transferring currencies between Iranian exporters and foreign importers is the largest problem which slows down the transactions and trades between Tehran province and other countries.