U2 Frontman Half-heartedly Apologises for iTunes Invasion

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

bonoDuring an online Q&A with some fans of his band, U2 singer Bono said “Oops, I’m sorry about that…” when responding to a music fan exhibiting their disappointment at the group placing their latest album on every iTunes library in the world without asking permission of the individual owners.

Such a forceful and bold move by a band struggling to hold onto whatever relevance they had in the first place, caused much consternation amongst music fans the world over, some of whom were bemused as to how Apple could allow this.

Luckily for Bono (54) and his fellow band member who is 53 years old and calls himself “The Edge”, the group has a vested connection with Apple. They have previously supplied music to the manufacturer to accompany adverts for the iPod, and Bono – despite once being less than diplomatic in relation to his opinion that Apple’s corporation was similar to a religious cult – managed to use his connections to get his new music onto 88 million iTunes account holder’s libraries.


This move attracted widespread confusion and criticism, some from those who had never even heard of U2 – but the majority who you would think most certainly had – and led to Apple posting a Help Page on their website to assist those looking to remove this unwanted addition to their personal collection.

Thanks, but no thanks

The band previously claimed their music was a “gift” for all those with an iTunes account, it’s just a pity there was no receipt included for exchange or refund…..