Trump Travel Ban Proves He Is A Man Of His Word

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Donald Trump barely has his feet under the Oval Office desk in The White House but he has stirred up a storm of controversy.

His executive order banning travellers from several Muslim countries from entering the US has ignited protests worldwide.

The row has led to the sacking of US Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to contest the legality of Trump’s order in the courts.

In her place, Dana Boente, a US Attorney from Virginia was appointed to the role of the government’s top legal adviser.

In truth, Yates was an Obama appointee already on the way out of government sooner rather than later.

Political clash

She could be seen as manipulating the clash over the travel ban for political ends.

The order has also taught the world a lot about Donald Trump – although the administration argues the order delays travel for120 days and is not an outright ban.

He is obviously a man of his word. The promises he made on the campaign trail to put America first, build a wall with Mexico and ban Muslims from entering the US to reduce the risk of terror have all been carried out.

Trump is also ruthless. Cross him and you are out as Yates has and US diplomats appointed to foreign embassies by former president Barack Obama have found out.

The message resonating through the government is ‘get with the program or get out’.

Trump and May

Trump’s invite to the UK for a state visit and his talks with Thresa May ahead of any other world leaders must also be a worry for the EU Brexit negotiators.

The special relationship is still finding its way, but the only countries with a respite from the travel ban are the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

May agrees she knew the order was on the way after her talks with Trump last week, but she did not know which countries would be affected, although she carved an exemption for Britain and paved the way for the other exempt nations to win a favour as well.

Notably, with the US, these white, Anglo Saxon English speaking nations are a clique that share intelligence and trust each other implicitly.

Each can obviously count on the other – and the EU state of Ireland is also leaning towards breaking ranks with the rest of the bloc over trade and border control with the UK.