Trump Last Republican Standing In Whitehouse Race

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Written By Hossein Soltani

Donald Trump has swept to victory in his campaign to secure the Republican Party’s US Presidential Election nomination.

The businessman has divided his party and the nation as he fired abuse, insults and lies in his self-financed march to the Whitehouse.

Although he may say differently, his fight to sit in the Oval Office chair is far from over.

Dogged Hilary Clinton has all but made the Democrat party nomination her own. Both her and Trump are expected to scoop up the remaining delegates they need to officially become presidential candidates over the next week or two.

Trump is hugely unpopular with great tracts of America.

He shamefully speaks from the hip to insult Hispanics, Muslims and women, isolating thousands of possible voters.

Mr Unpopular

Even his own party seem to dislike him.

Although he is a self-proclaimed ‘nice guy’, Trump has little backing from the Republicans.

They do not seem to know whether to embrace the inevitable or shun his attempt to storm Washington.

They fear that although he may have mobilised support among voters who would not normally go to the polls, he has also alienated traditional Republicans who either will not turn out on election day or who may even vote Democrat.

Like him or love him, Trump is a phenomenon.

Controversy follows him like a cloud – whether it’s building a wall between the US and Mexico, banning Muslims from the country or making unsubstantiated claims like rival Republican Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the shooting of President Kennedy.

Deflecting attention

Trump also claims he is worth $10 billion, even though financial documents posted as part of the election process show the figure is between $3 and $4 billion.

But his larger than life persona is taking attention away from Clinton, who is far ahead of him in polls asking voters who they will back for President.

Trump is also unique as the only candidate since Eisenhower in the 1950s to run for President without any experience in office.

Most candidates have served in Congress or as state governors.

Trump has hinted he wants someone with a political background as his running mate. So far, his pleas have fallen on deaf ears among Republicans.

The US Presidential Election is on November 8.