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There was a time when Ko Phangan was revered as the island of the fearless. People came to this paradise for night-long parties, exhilarating experiences, and much more. But with time, it all changed for good, and today, the island of Ko Phangan is reputed to be one of the most tranquil and cherishing places for a vacation.

Amid all the solitude and serenity offered by Ko Phangan, health retreats have gained prime importance. One of these retreats that have been hitting the radar too often is The Sanctuary Thailand. 

Located in Surat Thani district, The Sanctuary Thailand prides itself on being a place that helps you reconnect with your inner self. Set against the Gulf of Thailand, this health retreat offers a stack of wellness programs tailored to help an individual enjoy the ultimate experience. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about all the services and wellness programs offered by The Sanctuary Thailand. 

Surrounded by a Canopy of Magical Trees

Yes, you read that right. The Sanctuary Thailand resides on the banks of Haad Tien beach, which is blessed with the local Tien trees. The Tien trees have natural healing properties and are known to bring good luck and prosperity to the residents. 

Set in a modest setting decorated by a natural landscape, the stunning location, coupled with expert-led wellness programs, is one of the best things about this retreat. 

Wellness Programs Offered 

The ultimate motive of The Sanctuary Thailand is to fabricate an environment of the utmost safety for the visitors. You will be living in a natural setting adorned with a unique spiritual connection for relaxing the mind. 

Listed below are some services and programs offered by The Sanctuary Thailand.


With over 20 years of experience, the Detox Programs are specifically ideated and drafted by the wellness experts. The implementation of these programs is also looked after by the professionals coming from different backgrounds. 

You can choose from 6 different detox packages crafted to provide exclusive experience:

  1. Detox Holiday Packages: Believe it or not, these packages are made to spoil the guests by offering a range of wellness solutions. Included in the package are meditation exercises, spa, juices, elixirs, shakes, specially made drinks, and steam room access. These packages are programmed by experts to provide the best experience to the visitors. 

The programs are divided into four different packages covering a time span of 3.5 Days and 5 Nights; 5.5 Days and 7 Nights; 7.5 Days and 9 Nights; 10.5 Days and 12 Nights.

  • Reshaping Body Packages: The motive of running these programs is to bridge the gap between a happy life and an amazing body shape. Within the health retreat, you will get access to tailor-made reshaping packages. 

These packages are divided between 7 days and 9 Nights Or 14 Days and 16 Nights. Bolstering ahead with a wholesome approach to transform your body, these packages include detoxing, yoga, pilates, fitness programs, massages, and body counseling. 

  • Well-Being Packages: The Well-Being packages chime a change in your lifestyle via customized routines inspired by your suit and your body goals. The pre-set time schedule of these programs is one of the key features of these packages. 

At Koh Phangan retreat, you can expect to benefit from four types of programs for a wholesome well being of the body. These are Raw Fest, Dietary Reset, Calories Restricted, and Ketogenic Diet. Apart from providing dietary programs, you will also learn yoga and Pilates workshops, and meditation. 

  • Gentle Cleanse Programs: This program is an extension of the parent Detox program and provides a more laid back approach to body cleansing. As a pioneering health retreat, The Sanctuary Island starts every program with a special consultation with visitors. 

Further, you will be able to benefit from a pre-made body cleansing schedule. Even though you will be following a gentle approach to cleansing, the results are still effective and refreshing. 

  • Liver Cleansing: A highly effective and liver-friendly program that helps eradicate liver congestion and clear up the bile ducts for better digestion and liver health. The program is defined by a mixture of herbal drinks and shakes that are particularly beneficial for the human liver. 

This 3-days program is the epitome of a wellness regime that focuses on the well-being of the liver. And it is a must for those who have been suffering from abdominal issues. 


For more than 25 years, Sanctuary Thailand has been providing programs for Yoga with a motive to synchronize your mind and body. Yoga is a powerful health regime and method to be at your best in life, stay calm and healthy. 

Thus, you can get custom-designed yoga classes spread over a span of one day to one month. 

  1. Yoga Holiday Package: Choose from a 3-Day; 7-Day and 10-Day Yoga package, which offers 3 classes per day. It depends on you whether to get private classes or join the club of Yoga enthusiasts. 
  • Yoga Teacher Training: The Teacher training course at the Sanctuary health retreat in Koh Phangan provides 200-hour expert coaching. Imagine learning all the different asanas of Yoga stemming from different schools of the traditional Indian exercise regime in the midst of a jungle and seaside settings. 
  • Daily Yoga Classes: These classes are for those staying at the retreat and want to join in for a calming yoga experience. These classes are held on Monday and Wednesday at four different times throughout the day. 

Healing and Wellbeing

Looking to self pamper? The Sanctuary Thailand’s treehouse herbal spa and beach facing sauna are the perfect ways to bring a unique shine on your face. 

One of the best things about visiting this health retreat for well-being programs is to experience the abundance of calm that only amplifies the healing regime. From an infrared sauna to massages and tea temple healing, there is a lot you can expect from your stay at the Sanctuary Thailand. 

  1. Massage and Beauty Care: From massages to facial, manicure, pedicure, hair treatments, waxing, and beautifying your body, The Sanctuary Thailand offers comprehensive beauty services. Added to this, you can also for aromatherapy, and an authentic Thai Therapy for best results. 
  • Workshop Hosting: As a beauty expert, you can also discuss with the retreat to help you with hosting your own beauty program for the visitors. The halls are built within the jungle, so you can only expect an extremely calm and resonating environment for your beauty class. 

Apart from this, the Sanctuary Thailand also provides halls and rooms for Yoga Training and hosting services. 

  • Tea Temple: This is a rather unique spot you will find at this health retreat. Filled with health and wellness experts that have prowess in the fields of bodywork, traditional Indian, Chinese, and Thai medicine to aromatherapies and much more. 

This is not only a camaraderie-inspired place for the professionals and visitors to have a casual chat. The tea temple’s purpose is to help the visitors get a better understanding of their programs and having conversations with fellow program members and trainers only helps amplify the results.  

Added to a cafe and a meeting spot, the tea temple is also housed with several books and literature. The best part is that you can also enjoy your favorite delicacies, shakes, and desserts at the temple. 

Rooms and Accommodation

The accommodation at the Sanctuary Thailand in Koh Phangan is provided under three different heads:

  1. Bookable Accommodation
  2. Non-Bookable Accommodation
  3. Detox Accommodation  

The rooms, houses, and villas at this health retreat are built on the hillside and at the front, you have the beach. The majestic views from the room window are enough motivation to get yourself a nice and healthy vacation in Koh Phangan. 

Bookable Accommodation:

However, within the sphere of Bookable Accommodation, you will majorly find villas and big houses priced between 1950 THB (Thai Baht) to 7500 THB for a night. However, prices might soar even more during the peak season. 

There are 10 different housing accommodations at the retreat that you can choose from. The room features span from air conditioning to king-size bedrooms, sea view, garden view, jungle view, bathtubs, sun deck, and much more. 

WiFi is complimentary in all the houses and villas. However, you also have the option to book these accommodations along with your Detox and Yoga Packages. Thus, to get a fantastic experience of a health retreat, plan your tour ahead. 

Non Bookable Accommodation:

Apart from the villas and double storey houses, bungalows and dorm room accommodations are also available. Since the guests end up overstaying at the Sanctuary Thailand. To offer refuge to the guests, they have made available these bungalows at lower prices and fewer services.

The price range for bungalows and houses ranges from 950 THB to 1750 THB per night. For the dorm rooms, the per-night price is 350 THB. The rooms and bungalows’ overall ambiance may not have a sense of opulence that is offered at the villas. Still, comfort-wise, these non-bookable accommodations are exemplary.  

Detox Rooms

The Detox Rooms have a special purpose, and they are built accordingly to support your detox and fasting routines. Yes, these rooms have aced everything when it comes to services and features but added to this, they also bring you closer to Mother Nature on a personal level. 

The rooms have fans or air conditioning or a mix of both, and the prices for the same also differ on the basis of the guest preferences. The detox rooms are also open to be booked by other guests whose motive is different from benefitting from a detoxing regime. 

However, for fasters, the detox rooms are available at lower prices relative to other types of guests. 


What does a wedding need to become a perfect and memorable occasion for the couple? Besides the everlasting love, a wedding is complete with location, better services, and unique experience. 

While you take care of the love, the Sanctuary Thailand health retreat takes care of the rest. From helping to say your vows at the perfect location to make arrangements for everything else, logistics, catering, DJ, photography, and much more. 

All this is done while giving preference to your religious beliefs and norms. As a special arrangement, your wedding will also be blessed by a special ceremony headed by 7 monks from the nearby Buddhist temple or Wat, which prima facie becomes the most important and blessed wedding experience at this health retreat. 

Sanctuary Live

As an added measure and to ensure the uninterrupted provision of training classes, you can also join the Sanctuary Live classes, which are streamed live from Jungle Studio. All the classes are streamed on weekends at a pre-specified time that can be checked at the official website. 

How to Reach Here?

Since we are residing at an awesome location, you may need to dabble with different travel options for reaching paradise. But rest assured that once you get here, it is all worth it. 

  • The nearest airport is to fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui, either by taking a Bangkok Air or Thai Air flight. Rest assured that you don’t have to worry about pre-bookings as there are around 20 flights available to and from the Island. 
  • If you want to travel by boat, you first need to head to Thong Sala or Haad Din. There are direct taxis and truck ferry services available from Haad Din that will take you to the town of Haad Tien, thus, paradise. 

Between April to October is by a ferry at 12 Noon every day, and it will drop you at the Haad Tien Pier 2. Having said that, the boat may not work when there is excessive rainfall and high tides. 

Ready for a Rejuvenating Vacay?

All in all, The Sanctuary Thailand is a panacea for all your life’s problems. It is said that “Calmness is the Cradle of Power,” and this health retreat will help you hone that sense of inner peace and repose that you will be able to replenish your senses to perform better. With a mix of body and mind-related programs and routines exercised in splendid settings, you will feel like living in an entirely different world. It does not matter that you are coming here alone, with friends, or with your family. There is something to cherish for everyone at The Sanctuary in Koh Phangan, Thailand.  

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