The Next President Cannot Change Iran’s Policy on Nuclear Case: Iranian MP

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

The Next President Cannot Change Iran’s Policy on Nuclear Case

Mohammad-Hassan Asfari, a member of Iran’s Majlis Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, says the next president of Iran will not be able to change the policies of Islamic Republic over the controversial nuclear case. Iran has been sanctioned by world powers over it disputed nuclear plan.

“According to Iran’s constitution, only Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei can change the policies of Islamic Republic regarding the nuclear case. Currently, Western politicians are talking about the possible relations between Iran’s presidential election and nuclear case, but these two subjects are not affiliated with each other.” Mohammad-Hassan Asfari told reporters on Wednesday.

“The president of Islamic Republic must defend the legal rights of Iranians. Also, taking advantage from nuclear power is the solid right of Iranians, and Iran’s next president cannot ignore this right. However, presidents are allowed to follow their own guidelines in foreign policies.” Asfari added.

In their promotional campaigns, some presidential candidates have promised to soften Iran’s stance against Western governments over Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. During the recent years, several rounds of economic embargoes have been passed against Iran. The sanctions have affected Iran’s economy negatively. Inflation and unemployment rates have been increased significantly in country.

American politicians and analysts believe that Iran’s 2013 presidential election might cause changes in Islamic Republic’s firm stance over its nuclear plan. They believe Ayatollah Ali Khamenei have ordered his deputies to stop negotiations over nuclear case until the end of June.