Tehran’s Police Chief Condemns Launching of Election Carnivals

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

Brigadier-General Ahmad-Reza Radan, Tehran’s police chief, said on Thursday that nominees for upcoming presidential election must refrain from launching election carnivals in streets of Tehran and other major cities of Iran. In 2009, Iranians formed different street carnivals to declare their support for various candidates.

“The candidates who are interested in Iran’s top-job must be familiar with Islamic guideline too. I have personally met with several candidates, and I have recommended them to refrain from launching street carnivals. Guardian Council has previously published the necessary information on this subject.” Ahmad-Reza Radan, deputy commander of the Iranian police, said during a press-conference today.

“We believe that candidates are the sole responsible for the behavior of their fans and supporters. So, it is a good idea for nominees to instruct their supporters about Iran’s laws.” Radan added. He also went on to criticize a few candidates who have started their campaigns against Islamic Republic’s guidelines.

“Iran’s police are monitoring the activities being taken by presidential candidates. We will warn nominees, in case we spot a problem in their advertising campaigns.” Ahmad-Reza Radan concluded.

Islamic Republic had experienced a unique presidential election in 2009. Iranian police and Basij voluntary forces were completely shocked about the flow of that election. After publishing the official results of Iran’s 2009 presidential election, angry demonstrators poured into streets. Clashes between protesters and security forces left tens of people dead.