Technology And Gadgets Improve The Lives Of Expats

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Written By Hossein Soltani

Technology And Gadgets Improve The Lives Of ExpatsSwitching on to technology boosts workplace efficiency and aids creativity and productivity, according to an expat survey.

British expats were asked how technology impacts their work, and all stressed the importance of plugging in to computers, mobile phones and tablets.

For 79%, technology was essential and for the rest, quite important.

Most felt technology had changed the way the work to make them more productive and innovative.

  • 93% said they enjoyed work more
  • 94% considered technology improved their efficiency
  • 86% said they could do more in less time
  • 82% liked the ability to work outside the office if they chose
  • 67% felt that working would be less flexible without technology and gadgets
  • 92% reckoned communicating by email, chat or video greatly reduced their travel

Video conferencing

Singapore is the place where British expats reckon they are the best users of technology – followed by those in the US, Canada and Hong Kong.

The statistics come from the NatWest International Banking Quality of Life Report.

Video conferencing is one of the big technological changes that has affected the workplace, say the expats. Discussing projects with colleagues in other countries over the internet has slashed the time and costs spent travelling and allows work to move forward at a faster pace.

Technology has also led to a shift in finding jobs for British expats – speaking English is still important but the ability to master different forms of technology is also rating high in job descriptions.

The expats also told NatWest that an extra benefit of increased use of technology and more mobility as mobile phone and broadband networks spread is the ability to improve their work/life balance through flexible working.

Flexible working

Mobility, they say, gives them two linked benefits – more flexibility over where they work so they can enjoy more time with the families or following personal pursuits and the opportunity to arrange working hours to suit them away from the workplace.

Two-thirds of British expats raised these points as the most important technology issues that directly impacted on their lives.

Australia, the US, New Zealand, France and Canada were voted as the best countries allowing the best flexible working arrangements for British expats.

“Improving technology has clearly changed the way British expats work,” said Dave Isley, head of NatWest International Personal Banking.

“The spread of technology has made spending time relaxing or with the family easier and taken away the stress of trying to fit in family responsibilities with workplace obligations.”