Taliya to be Reintroduced in Iran

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Head of Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI), Seyyed Hashemi, says Taliya mobile network is going to be reintroduced in Iran. Taliya was the third largest mobile phone network operator in Iran as of 2008 but it has lost its market share gradually since then. Taliya was unable to attract more subscribers in case of competition with Irancell and Hamrah-e-Avval.

“We have recently renewed the operation of Taliya mobile network for additional ten years. We have also planned new changes and projects to reintroduce this network in Iran and recover its reliability. Taliya is going to offer 6 million prepaid simcards in its first phase and this number can be increased base on requests.” Seyyed Hashemi said.

Although the mobile penetration in Iran is about 92% but Seyyed Hashemi believes that still there are rooms for Taliya’s expansion in country. Iran has more than 50 million mobile subscribers but Taliya has lost many of its clients and currently holds a fraction of market share.

Taliya was officially founded by Rafsanjan Industrial Complex Islamic Cooperative Company on May 24, 2005. In that time MCI, government backed company, was the only mobile operator in Iran. Millicom International Cellular (Luxembourg) distributed the 2 million simcards for Taliya in its pilot phase.

Taliya introduced prepaid simcards for the first time in Iran and managed to attract a large number of customers during its first years of operation. The second mobile network of Iran has restarted its marketing campaigns in country with new slogans.