Take A Tour Of The World’s Largest Commercial Jet

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Take A Tour Of The World’s Largest Commercial JetDubai airline Emirates has set up an online 360 degree inside view of the Airbus A380 double decker jet.

The ‘street view’ is part of Google Maps and lets anyone take a virtual tour of the world’s largest commercial jet.

From the comfort of your own smartphone, tablet or computer, you can take a peek inside from a virtual tour of the lounges and bars – including the spa showers.

Google has even snatched a pilot’s view from the flight deck, one view even the wealthiest passengers miss out on.

Emirates asked Google to put images of the plane online after the search giant completed a similar virtual tour of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in both the world and Dubai.

18 million fly on super jumbo

This year marks the airline’s fifth anniversary of flying the giant jet, which has an outstanding flight safety record compared with the problems rival Boeing’s Dreamliner is experiencing with electrical faults.

Everything about the Airbus 380 is super big. With a wingspan of 80 metres, the jet can carry 517 passengers over 15,000 kilometres without refuelling. The Airbus is reputedly 20% more fuel efficient that the Boeing Dreamliner.

Emirates flies more A380s than any other airline, with 35 aircraft in service and 55 more on order.

The double-decker has moved more than 18 million passengers and their luggage more than 265 kilometres around the world in 20,000 round-trip flights to 21 regular destinations.

Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is also the first, and currently only, airport with a dedicated A380 terminal, which opened in January 2013.

As new planes arrive, Emirates is extending the A380 list of destinations to Brisbane, Australia; Los Angeles, Mauritius and Zurich.

Airbus 380 facts and figures

Over the five years of Airbus 380 flights, Emirates has compiled some astonishing facts:

  • The shortest hop is 1,900 kilometres from Hong Kong to Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The longest flight is 11,023 kilometres from New York’s JFK Airport to Dubai.
  • 669 flight deck crew and 7,124 cabin crew have flown on the A380
  • Passengers have eaten their way through 14 million bread rolls,  more than 515,000 packets of cornflakes, 22,438 baskets of fruit and 6,314 kilos of caviar
  • 157,000 fresh flower displays have graced bars and lounges
  • Passengers have been given 224,414 shaving kits and  more than a million toothbrushes
  • More than 2 million coffee packs, 4.3 million teabags  and 6.7 million packs of sugar have been supped by thirsty passengers
  • Babies have eaten nearly 550,000 jars of baby food

Click here for the Google 360 degree view inside the Airbus 380