Thailand sanctuary

The Sanctuary Thailand Koh Phangan

There was a time when Ko Phangan was revered as the island of the fearless. People came to this paradise for night-long parties, exhilarating experiences,

Wim Hof Thailand

Wim Hof Method Thailand

Wim Hof will be hosting an event in Thailand on the tropical island of Ko Phangan from 27th of November 2019 to 3rd of December 2019

thai baht

Sending Money To Thailand

Expats dread changing their money between currencies because they always suspect they could find a better deal. That’s one of the problems of sending money

Thailand Government nears ‘state of emergency’ over demonstrations

QROPS Thailand

Thailand has emerged as a real destination of choice for British expatriates choosing to retire away from the UK. The country certainly has a lot