Syria Gas Attack – The Only Truth Is Someone Is A Liar

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Written By Mohsen Salami

In a world where wars are fought not only on land. sea and air, but in cyberspace and the media, one truth is someone is lying about how so many people died in a gas attack on a Syrian town.

In the modern era, battles take place for the hearts and minds in the media.

But do governments really think that in this sophisticated age of technology that so many people are so stupid?

TV and the internet are full of shameful videos and images of children and their parents dying after unidentified fighter jets unleashed missiles packed with chemical death .

The facts are the town of Khan Shiekhoun is ‘rebel held’ – which means not under Syrian government control

Who are they kidding?

Chemical weapons suspected to include deadly sarin gas were deployed from the air

More than 70 people, including 20 children died and more than 100 more were injured

Syrian President Assad denies his forces have chemical weapons and claims he would not authorise their use, even though the United Nations suspects other incidents of the government firing outlawed chemicals on its own people

The Russians claim the jet – which they deny was one of theirs – hit a chemical weapons arsenal held in the town by the rebels

Someone should explain that in these days of satellite tracking, GPS and computers when drivers can track the whereabouts of their cars and smartphones from anywhere in the world why the US, Russia and their allies cannot pinpoint a rogue fighter jet in disputed airspace – and why it wasn’t shot down.

Killing children with bombs and bullets is OK?

Then the shambles that is the United Nations Security Council comes into question.

President Trump says Assad has crossed a line and condemns the attack.

So killing children with chemical weapons is wrong, but killing them with barrel bombs and unleashing missiles and jet fighters is OK?

Words are easy, standing by and grumbling is not much of an effort.

Why not take the war to Assad and his generals. Let them feel the heat of a cruise missile falling unexpectedly from the sky.

Enough is enough and someone needs to make a stand against war criminals like Assad.

Trump says he is the tough new kid on the block. Let’s see what he is made off.