Strong Earthquakes Make Iranians Worried

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Strong Earthquakes Make Iranians Worried

According to media reports, more strong earthquakes will hit Iran in coming weeks and months. This fact has made Iranians worried about their future in the country. The University of Tehran has also confirmed the reports in this regard. The residents of Tehran are the most vulnerable citizens in the country.

During the recent years, the Municipality of Tehran and Iranian government have not put any effort to organize old buildings of the city. Currently, millions of people are living in Tehran, which suffers from lack of safety precautions. Only in last one month, more than 100 people have been killed due to earthquakes in all over the country.

Tehran, capital of Iran, is the home of some 13 million people. It’s good to know that the vast majority of buildings in Tehran are located on the convergence of some 100 known fault lines which in its present architectural form are incapable of withstanding even a moderate earthquake.

A hypothesis presented by Akasheh, an Iranian geophysicist, indicates that a 6.8 quake in Tehran would kill more than 700,000 people. A few days ago, 7.9 quake hit southeastern parts of Iran. That quake was also felt in India, UAE, Afghanistan, Qatar and Pakistan. Base on official announcements, tens of people lost their lives in Pakistan. This quake didn’t claim any lives in Iran.