SEIS Guide Now Available for Download

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Written By Mohsen Salami

SEIS Guide Now Available for DownloadWhen the UK government introduced the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) in 2011, it was intended to encourage investment in the kind of businesses which the original Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) simply couldn’t: Young start-ups.

These new companies are seen as a higher risk-band for investors, and indeed some 50% of UK start-ups fold within the first 18 months. However, the government identified these business ventures as key contributors to an economy in recovery, and as such offered unrivalled tax incentives in exchange for investment. In essence they took the idea of EIS, and stretched the benefits further.

Despite various success stories coming out of the SEIS so far – and its well-publicised confirmation as a permanent and long-term stalwart of an attempted economic resurgence – there are still those for whom the scheme is completely relevant, but who don’t have any understanding of what it is or how to become involved. is a website devoted to the scheme, and they have recently published their comprehensive guide to the entire process. This guide is downloadable as a PDF, and holds all the necessary information for those on both sides of the fence to consult before deciding to enter the fray.

Whether as an investor looking to benefit from the tax reliefs offered, or as an entrepreneur looking to find your business the capital to kick-start the quest for success, the SEIS Guide leaves no stone unturned as it uncovers every aspect of the scheme from both perspectives.

The investor section includes a guide to:

  • Income Tax Relief
  • Capital gains Tax Relief
  • Inheritance Tax Relief
  • Loss Relief
  • Methods of Investment
  • A Guide to the Process

And much more……

The section for entrepreneurs looking to seek investment gives information on:

  • The Benefits & Criteria for Qualification
  • Advanced Assurance
  • Ways to Seek Investment
  • A Guide to the Process

As keen followers of the UK economic landscape, Pars Herald has always kept a close eye on this scheme. It is surprising to us to see the number of new businesses which are great candidates for SEIS funding, but who have no idea it exists. This guide is vital reading for start-ups and for investors who could reap huge benefits from the ground-breaking incentives offered by the SEIS.

You can get a copy of the guide at