Sanctions won’t be Effective if Iran Reaches Agricultural Self-Sufficiency

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Written By Saeed Maleki

Sanctions won't be Effective if Iran Reaches Agricultural Self-Sufficiency

The whole of Iran’s economy is currently suffering from devastating financial sanctions imposed by the United States government on its fragile economy. The number of Iran’s oil buyers has been decreased gradually and Iranian government cannot manage the economy properly. Although Iranian government says the conditions are normal but many experts believe the situations are worse than Iran-Iraq war era.

Recently Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) held a seminar in cooperation with Ministry of Industries and Mines on this subject. “According to the recent rounds of sanctions which aim to undermine our economy, we held this session to address the concerns. These seminars and meetings can help us to turn sanctions into opportunities for our country.” Mohammad Reza Sharifi, the organizer, told Pars Herald.

“In the current conditions, the inflation rate in agricultural sectors is not that much but the government has not backed Iranian farmers in the best ways possible. By supporting the local agricultural industries Iran can get rid of these sanctions. As a matter of fact reaching agricultural self-sufficiency is the main key for Iran to make sanctions ineffective solutions for Western countries.” Sharifi added.

This international seminar was accompanied by corporations from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, China, South Korea, Thailand and Canada to demonstrate their latest innovations in agricultural fields.

It’s worth noting that one-third of Iran’s total surface area is suited for farmland, but because of poor soil and lack of adequate water distribution in many areas, most of it is not under cultivation.