Samsung and Apple Call ‘Truce’

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Written By Mohsen Salami

Samsung and Apple have agreed to cool off for a while as both sides agreed to withdraw ongoing international patent lawsuits. This “agreement” of sorts does not extend to the USA, where various patent cases exist and continue to be battled out.

The South Korean tech giant released a statement on Wednesday 6th August suggesting that although the companies have agreed to a ceasefire internationally, things are far from settled between the two.

For the last three years, Apple and Samsung have been bickering and throwing accusations at each other relating to the stealing of ideas and patents, and resulting in claims, and counter-claims – a lawyer’s dream, of course.

Although the Samsung announcement confirmed that lawsuits were to be dropped by both sides in nine countries, no comment was made on why the US was the exception.


Earlier in 2014, a US court ruled in favour of their very own Apple Corporation, a result which meant that Samsung were forced to compensate the US front-runners to the tune of $119.6 million in return for the borrowing of three separate ideas.

Samsung shares are today down 1.1% as the company – despite being the largest smart phone developer globally – continues to struggle with credibility in comparison to Apple with the creative, tech savvy fraternity.