Saipa to Sell Pride for $14,000 in Venezuela

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Written By Saeed Maleki

Mohsen Javan, Saipa export deputy, discussed Iranian car manufacturer’s plans for distributing its famous product, Pride, in other countries. According to this announcement, Saipa will export Pride to Syria, Venezuela, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Egypt and Algeria.

“Saipa Group is currently exporting two products including Tiba and Pride to countries in the Middle East region and other continents. We are selling Tiba for $9600 in Azerbaijan. The price of the same product is $8600 and $8200 in Ukraine and Iraq respectively.” Mohsen Javan said. Saipa Tiba is priced at 15,400,000 IRI (sum as $5000) inside Iran.

“The Saipa Corporation is also distributing Pride in foreign countries. In Venezuela we sell it for $14000. The price tag of Pride is between $8000 to $8500 in Algeria and Egypt. In Iraq and Syria it can be bought for $7000 and $6400 respectively. According to the rules of mentioned countries we are able to distribute Pride without airbag and ABS brake system.” Mohsen Javan concluded.

Saipa Pride is notorious for its insecurities inside Iran. Recently a campaign has started by several local journalists to inform people about the security flaws of Pride. This product doesn’t come with standard security extensions and it poses great risks to customers.

It’s good to know that SAIPA (an acronym for the French Société Anonyme Iranienne de Production Automobile) was established in 1966, with 75% Iranian ownership, to assemble Citroëns under license for the Iranian market. Nowadays it builds mainly Korean cars, but has also developed its own engine and range of cars.