Saeedi-Kia Condemns Compulsory Hijab in Iran

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

From 1979, wearing Hijab has become compulsory in Iran. During the recent years, Iranian government has forced young women and girls to cover themselves better than before. Iranian people have repeatedly expressed their disagreements with governmental extremist actions against women.

Saeedi-Kia, an Iranian politician, believes forcing young people to pick up Hijab don’t comply with Islamic guidelines and people must be free to choose their own Hijab. “According to our Islamic studies, Hijab is a value and nobody should force another one to wear Hijab. Unfortunately the Iranian government and morality division of police have been forcing people to wear Hijab in recent years. These actions are completely fruitless, and must be stopped as soon as possible.”

“Fortunately Iranian women are wise about Hijab case. Most people believe in wearing complete Hijab. The local government in compare to cultural institutions must try out to encourage people picking right Hijab.” Saeedi-Kia told reporters on Thursday.

The former minister of housing and urban development also went on to criticize the activities of Iranian government for allocating budget to its cultural ministries. “The government must investigate the expenditures of such great budgets. Base on signals in our community, nothing has been done by these ministries in this regard.”

In Iran, where wearing the Hijab is legally required, women, especially younger ones, have taken to wearing transparent and very loosely worn Hijabs. Wearing of the hijab was enforced by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and is enforced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Islamic Republic of Iran.