Rosberg Takes F1 Title, But Is He The Real Winner?

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Nico Rosberg has edged the F1 world championship in the final controversial last race of the season – but is he worth the win?

Many argue team mate and rival Lewis Hamilton is the better and faster driver and that gremlins in his car lost him the vital points he needed to beat Rosberg.

Engine failure in Malaysia robbed Hamilton of the points he needed to keep his title.

Had he kept going and won, Hamilton would have had a five-point lead instead of a 23-point deficit in the race for the championship.

Other glitches across the season also cost Hamilton points.

The scene was set for a showdown in the sun in Abu Dhabi.

The placing permutations seemed almost endless, but if Rosberg finished second, he was the champion.

Hamilton’s controversial tactics

Hamilton took the lead and for much of the race, Rosberg sat behind him.

Hamilton decided to slow the race down to try and let the field catch Rosberg. His plan was to let one or more of the other drivers overtake Rosberg to steal the points that would seal his victory.

A cat and mouse game followed where Hamilton declined to drive off into the sunset to prove his dominance. Instead he sped up and slowed down, always keeping Rosberg too far back to overtake and finish in style.

Mercedes tea bosses ordered Hamilton to press on or let Rosberg past, but he ignored them in his bid to keep his title.

Many say Rosberg is second best as champion.

Nevertheless, he has had the guts and determination to fulfil everything his team asked of him.

Is he as good as Hamilton?

Living in Hamilton’s shadow

Rosberg has always lived in his shadow. Hamilton has always been more daring, quicker to react and more willing to take risks.

In face to face races over the past two or three seasons, Hamilton has always come out on top except for when technical faults intervened.

If Hamilton was not driving, undoubtedly Rosberg would stand out above the rest. With Hamilton against him, Rosberg is always the bookies’ favourite for second place.

Next season, Hamilton will start the betting in pole position despite Rosberg finishing in Abu Dhabi after the championship of his life.

Hamilton is likely to continue improving, while Rosberg seems to have reached his limits.