Rise of the Flappy Apps

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

It started with one little bird that drove the world crazy, but ever since Flappy Bird was removed from the app stores, many have rushed to take its place.

For those who don’t know, Flappy Bird is a simple game with simple objectives – dodge the obstacles and beat your high score. However, it was notoriously difficult and many found it impossible to reach double digits.

The game was also highly addictive and created a huge fan following constantly herding to Twitter to post their high scores. It was also immensely popular as it was downloaded a total of 50 million times from both app stores.

This infamous game generated over $40,000 a day on advertisement revenue and for those who weren’t already hooked, the buzz the game generated was loud enough to see for themselves.

Flappy Bird had a simple 8-bit interface and the design closely resembled that of Super Mario, but why was such a straightforward game so popular?

The Flappy Factor

At first glance the game seemed simple, even boring, but once you started the game the challenge was to beat your own score. No luck is needed, there are no bonuses to collect and the rules do not change – that was what made it so addictive.

The game was so simple that it required players to add meaning to it and thereby rewarding themselves upon beating their own high scores. The game simply employed a ‘cause and effect’ method of gaming and if the user lost the round, they only had themselves to blame – and no one enjoys being a loser.

A New Member of the Flappy Family

Since Flappy Bird was taken off the app stores by its creator many have rushed to create similar games. Fast Effects Studios has created a brand new game that promises to hold the same appeal as the original.

Flappy Bat is not unlike the archetype in the sense that the game-play is extremely addictive. The style of graphics is also similar however for those who want a refreshing change in the game scenario, bats only come out at night.

Get your Flappy Bat to fly through the graveyard in the middle of the night to beat your own high score. Once you have done that, post your score to Twitter and you might win an iPhone 5 from the game developers.

The team at Fast Effects Studios are not strangers to creating addictive games. Their website lists a total of 10 games you can download, from a variety of categories such as racing, word and strategy – all of which are completely free.