Rightel Rules Out Links between its Services and Illicit Usages

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Rightel Rules Out Links between its Services and Illicit Usages

Rightel is the first Iranian mobile operator which is offering 3G services to local clients. Video Call is one of the new features offered by this network. Recently several politicians and religious leaders have warned of illicit and unlawful usages of these services by a group of subscribers. According to these comments, this service can threaten the privacy of people and it allows users to exchange and transform their live pictures and shows.

Shahin Arpanahi, Brand & Communication Director of Rightel, believes these features are not new services in Iran and they cannot pose new threats to society. “In fact all the comments made about Rightel are correct when you face with new technologies. This is the same story for 3G services in our country.” Arpanahi said.

He also went on to say that users have had many options to communicate before the presence of Rightel. “The video calls are not offered for the first time by Rightel. People have access to high speed Internet connections can start video calls. Also the new 3G services only offer Internet on mobile networks and it only eases the connections.” Shahin Arpanahi told media.

“As a matter of fact it’s not good idea to boycott the new technologies but we need to localize and customize them. We, at Rightel, have special attention to cultural side of our users and we are working hard to improve them according to the guidelines of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.” Arpanahi concluded.