Ride Off Into The Blue On A Bejewelled $1.8m Harley

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Written By Mohsen Salami

The only thing you can buy the man who has everything is time – and the only way you can do that is with a prestige watch.

The latest gadget unveiled by top-end watch retailer Bucherer does just that – combining the sleek lines of a one-off Harley Davidson Blue Edition.

And if you need to ask the price you can’t afford to buy.

The $1.8 million motorcycle – that’s not a misprint, it really does cost $1.8 million – comes with some luxury extras.

World record in dispute

The retailer says the bike smashes three world records –

  • The Harley is the world’s most expensive bike
  • It’s the first bike to come with a matching watch and jewels
  • It’s the first bike to have the engine lit up from inside

The title of the world’s most expensive bike would seem in dispute as the top 10 would appear to include five that cost more – with the record held by the $11 million Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter.

Bucherer says the Harley Davidson is more than a bike – the fuel tank has two retractable safes protected by armoured glass. One houses a 5.4 carat diamond solitaire ring, while the other is for a special-edition one-off Patravi TravelTec II timepiece styled to reference the design of the bike’s engine.

One fuel tank safe has a special mounting to cushion the watch while winding at the same time.

Gold-plated screws

That’s not all the jewellery. A Dizzler rotating ring is mounted on the handle bars, while other diamond rings are paired in the forks and near the fuel tank.

The throttle valves and screws are gold-plated, while the camshaft is visible through a window on the housing.

Heat-resistant LEDs light up the 100PS engine.

To reach the colour the design team wanted, the entire bike was silver-plated and coated with six layers of paint.

The welding, detail and even the leather saddle were hand finished to demonstrate the meticulous detail that went into styling and manufacturing the motorcycle.