Putin and Russia Running out of Time and Chances

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Written By Mohsen Salami

malaysia-plane-crashThe west has united against the abhorrence of the Kremlin-sponsored attack on a passenger plane flying over the Ukraine, resulting in 298 fatalities.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was downed following a ground-to-air missile launched by pro-Russian separatists, using equipment allegedly funded by Vladimir Putin’s regime.

The implications politically are likely to be extreme for the Russians based on their care-free attitude towards the tragedy, their funding of the terrorists responsible for the act, and the invasion of the Ukraine 6 months ago – which has now served to create distress and upheaval for thousands throughout the world.

Sochi Forgotten

Just six months ago, when Putin was flexing based on his country’s semi-ok hosting of the Winter Olympic Games, he probably thought that his influence globally was on the verge of restoration, however Europe, the UK and the US look now to effectively be on the verge of turning their backs completely on the over-aggressive dictatorship.

Germany have warned the Russians they have one last chance to end the conflict with the Ukraine, sentiments which were echoed by the Dutch. Of particular dismay is the outwardly blasé attitude towards the recovery of the crash site and the disrespect displayed against the bodies of the deceased. The crash site remains open house (anybody can walk wherever they wish), and the Russian military have been accused of performing hurtful and disturbing acts with the bodies.

Black Box Missing

Civilised countries tend to cordon off crash sites and ensure that a crisis centre is set up and a morgue for the deceased, so far the Russians have only managed to remove the black box recorders from the site – nobody knows where they have gone, and if they are ever likely to resurface. Access for air crash investigators and forensics has been hampered by the Russian separatists with the apparent raiding of important debris from the site and threatening behaviour as they try to carry out their job.

The UK, Australia, and the USA have all taken a particularly dim view of the Russians attempts to wash their hands of any kind of responsibility as the incident occurred in the Ukraine – the country they have so recently and aggressively invaded.

While it is unlikely any kind of military action will be launched by the west – as things stand – there will certainly be talk of economic sanctions if Russia continues to persevere with its current stance in terms of both its attack on the Ukraine, and its arrogant dismissal of its responsibilities around the murder of 298 innocent passengers on yet another tragic Malaysian Airlines flight.