Parvin Mohammadi: Presidential Candidates Must Pay Attention to Social Pressures

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Parvin Mohammadi, an Iranian socialist and activist, believes that presidential candidates must pay extra attention to current social pressures in Islamic Republic. She said on Friday that some Iranian families cannot endure the common economic pressures.

“Iranians, especially local labors, are facing with numerous problems in these days. I ask presidential candidates to think more about this type of people who cannot afford to live in current conditions.” Parvin Mohammadi said in an interview with Pars Herald.

“Last week, the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security held a meeting with social activists, and took comments from us with regard to labors’ problem in society. The minister also participated in that session, and promised to create better situations for labors. However, Iranian government has previously promised to take action on this subject, but nothing has been changed since then.” Parvin Mohammadi added.

She thinks the next president of Iran must work hard to resolve labors’ current issues. “Personally, I cannot anticipate an stable economy for Iran, if the next government doesn’t solve the problems of local labors. Accommodating labors and their respectful families in safe and cheap houses should be a top-priority job for Iran’s next president.” Parvin Mohammadi concluded.

According to unofficial statistics, more than 75% of Iranian labors don’t own homes, and they spend around 50% of their wages for covering renting costs. In many cases, labors don’t receive their stipends on time, and this has made living difficult for this category of people in Islamic Republic.