Ourangi: Iran will Extend its Partnerships with UNDP

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Ourangi, head of Iran’s Forests, Range & Watershed Organization, said on Sunday that Islamic Republic is still continuing its partnership with United Nations despite international sanctions on Iran. The United States and European Union have imposed several rounds of economic embargoes on Islamic Republic over its controversial nuclear program. However, the country is still being able to receive financial aids from United Nation for its ongoing local projects to preserve natural assets such as forests and jungles.

“The current sanctions against Iran have been ratified by Security Council. But common projects between UNDP and Islamic Republic are mostly unaffected by these embargoes. However, in some cases, we encountered with several problems. But in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and United Nation we managed to resolve the issues. At this time, we have completed all the missions set by United Nation for preserving local forests in Iran.” Ourangi told reporters.

Regarding the new partnerships between Islamic Republic and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), he said: “We aim to continue the common agreements between two sides. New projects will be started in Khorasan Razavi in near future.”

It’s good to know that UNDP partners with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to provide solutions to development challenges in areas as diverse as Inclusive Growth and Poverty, Energy and Environment, Health and Development, and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, as well as important cross-cutting issues like women’s economic empowerment and decentralized planning and development.