Officials Urge Iran’s Judicial System to Stop Online Marriages

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

As the Iranian government is preparing to launch official dating websites in country but hard line authorities have urged the judicial system to stop online dating and marriage centers.

“Selecting and choosing a right partner is one of the most important steps of entering a new life. The positive performance and prosperity of family is up to a successful marriage. When youngsters browse people in online websites to choose a mate, they don’t have many options to examine the other side so their selection will be done blindly.” Minoo Aslani, commander of Basij volunteer forces, said.

“Marriages base on online dating sites usually don’t end up with great success. So the Iranian government in cooperation with judicial system must try to stop this trend. Families and other authorities should inform youngsters about the negative outcomes of this phenomenon. Unfortunately some people boast to their online marriages.” Aslani added.

According to the statistics revealed by government, Iran has more than 40 million Internet users. During the recent years the number of local online dating websites has been increased dramatically which has made a new fashion between people.

Iranian government called the owners and managers of such websites to apply for formal certification but currently none of them are accredited by local government.