No Captains Commanding The Ships Of Fools

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Written By Mohsen Salami

So the shameful truth seems to be that the leaders of the Western world are a clueless bunch of witless fools and not the super statesmen they are expected to be.

The people of Britain and the USA have got the leaders they deserve – and the worry is France, Germany and Italy may soon follow.

Brexit and the US Presidential Election were both run on a promise of sweeping away the old and starting again.

Only the problem is that building from scratch still needs a plan and none of our leaders seem to have one.

A leaked Brexit memo in Westminster seems to suggest that the British government is consumed with in-fighting and had no plan for leaving the European Union.

Serious portions of humble pie

Sadly, there is still no plan and no one seems to know what to do.

Meanwhile, half the British government is eating some serious portions of humble pie after abusing president elect Donald Trump during his campaign to win The White House.

Crucially one of these is Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who needs to have a close relationship with Trump after labelling him as unfit to hold office.

Not only does Britain not seem to have a Brexit plan, but neither does the European Union.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the shallow depth of government experience in Donald Trump’s team is causing concern.

Republican purge

Few of his campaign aides have held political office and Trump did not realise he must bring 4,000 staff to Washington when he takes his seat in the Oval Office. It seems no one told him that if he won, the entire civil service is replaced.

Not only does Trump have to find thousands of key staff in a few weeks, he also must have a transition team in place to oversee the transfer of power as well.

And while these appointments are taking place, a quiet Republican purge is going on as politicians who failed to support Trump are marginalised or resign, limiting his pool of qualified and experienced people even further.

Trump says this is his promise to rid Washington of lobbyists or ‘draining the swamp’ as he calls it, but he has overlooked some key members of his team also run lobbying firms.