Who Is The New French President Emmanuel Macron?

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

Winning politicians seem to have something in common – a trait that allows them to take risks and win.

Donald Trump won in the States shocking the pollsters and pundits who could not believe someone as blunt, brash and without political experience could march in and pitch up in The White House.

Theresa May caught everyone off-guard in Westminster by calling a snap election for June 8, looking for a sweeping victory to give her a solid power base for commanding renegades in her party, crushing Labour and strengthening her hand in Europe.

And in France, Emmanuel Macron gave the right a brutal lesson in power politics to come from nowhere to take office as president.

Who is Macron?

Macron personifies the phrase ‘zero to hero’ by rescuing the French political establishment from the horror of the right wing Marine Le Pen.

He served in the backroom of his mentor Francois Hollande’s presidency – as a senior staff member than Minister of Economy and Finance for two years.

Last year, he sprung into public consciousness forming En Marche, an independent party after spending his political life as a socialist.

A year later, he is in office after a landslide victory, beating La Pen by two votes to one in the final poll.

What does the world know about Macron?

Born in Amiens in 1977, Macron has a background as an investment banker. He is reportedly an excellent pianist.

Gossip abounds about his sexuality and marriage in France. He is married to Brigitte Trogneux, who is 24 years older than Macron. They met when he was a 15 year old pupil in her school class when she was 39.

Macron has three stepchildren from the marriage – and two are older than him.

What can the world expect from President Macron?

His main problem is how to push his policies through. His party has no members in the national assembly.

Macron intends to rule by decree and relies on persuading other parties to support his proposals.

His term in office will only be a success if he can win over the opposition by force of personality and negotiation.

Macron is a liberal, pro-Europe and has a background in economics, so is unlikely to stir up many waves in the European Union.