Mostafa Pourmohammadi Talks About Management Corruption in Iran

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

Head of the State Inspectorate Organization of Iran Hojjatoleslam Mostafa Pourmohammadi said on Saturday that management corruptions have been increased in Iran significantly, and nobody can control it at this moment. During the recent years, many embezzlements and governmental frauds cases have been publicized in Iran.

“The common corruption between Iran’s top managers is threatening almost all sectors of country. We are suffering from these corruptions in several fields from politics to economy. I think, we must ratify a new process for investigating managers and politicians in order to reduce management corruptions in Iran.” Hojjatoleslam Mostafa Pourmohammadi told reporters.

He went on to criticize Ahmadinejad for ignoring economic problems. “Currently, Islamic Republic is facing with numerous economic issues. But, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government is active in other fields rather than resolving people’s problems. The political campaigns for Rahim Mashaei are still going in country and nobody protests against him.”

Mostafa Pourmohammadi has served as Minister of the Interior of Iran from 24 August 2005 to 12 August 2008. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad selected Pourmohammadi for this job, but he then removed him due to “some disagreements”. Analysts believe that Pourmohammadi’s views were far from his boss during his career.

Pourmohammadi has previously threatened to publish secrets of Iran’s current government. Many say he will reveal Ahmadinejad’s secrets after upcoming presidential election, which will be held in June.