Mostafa Kavakebian Promises to Launch Private Radio and Television Stations in Iran

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

Mostafa Kavakebian Promises to Launch Private Radio and Television Stations in Iran

Reformist presidential hopeful, Mostafa Kavakebian, announced on Thursday that he will launch private radio and television stations in country, in case he wins upcoming presidential election. According to Islamic Republic’s constitution, Iranian investors are not allowed to launch radio and television stations. Consequently, there are only seven national TV stations operating in Iran.

“I believe in democracy. All political parties in Iran must have equal chance for promoting their plans in order to help Islamic Republic to advance its goals and intentions. According to our studies, people are interested in having private television stations. I will allow private sector to invest in this field, if people elect me for Iran’s top-job.” Mostafa Kavakebian remarked in his presidential campaign in Tehran.

Kavakebian went on to say that he will cancel his nomination for 2013 presidential election, if Mohammad Khatami decides to run for this election. Khatami has previously severed as Islamic Republic’s president for eight years.

“I am ready to cancel my presidential campaigns, if Mohammad Khatami announces his candidacy for upcoming election.” Kavakebian added. In recent months, Iranian reformist parties have supported Mohammad Khatami.

Local politicians and analysts believe that reformists in Iran don’t have any chance for casting ballots in upcoming presidential election. After 2009, reformist parties have lost their bases and popularities between Iranians.

The officials of the Islamic Republic have repeatedly labeled Mohammad Khatami and his fellows as the leaders of “2009 Sedition” of Iran.