Morteza Tamaddon: Tehran Needs More Parks and Cultural Centers

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

Tehran Governor Morteza Tamaddon says Iranian armed forces including Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG or Pasdaran) and Army must relocate their bases and offices from Tehran to other cities. He believes the presence of such centers in Tehran doesn’t comply with regulations.

“I think it’s the time for military bases to relocate from Tehran. The similar project was introduced for prisons, and Judiciary service approved it. We kindly ask Iranian government and armed forces to relocate their bases from the capital of the country.” Morteza Tamaddon said on Monday.

“During the recent months, we have provided the necessary facilities and buildings for local armed forces to move away their barracks from Tehran. However, most of them don’t cooperate with us properly in this regard.” Tamaddon added.

Tehran Governor believes the city needs more amenities and parks for its citizens. “By removing the high number of bases from Tehran, we will be able to open new parks and cultural centers in partnership with Tehran Municipality.” Tamaddon concluded.

Iranian socialists and analysts believe that armed forces, especially IRGC, will not relocate their bases to other cities. In 2009, IRGC suppressed street riots in cooperation with Basij volunteer forces. Many say this suggestion won’t be followed by IRGC, at least until the end of 2015.