Mohammad Mayeli Kohan Talks about his Interest in Persepolis FC

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Written By Hossein Soltani

Mohammad Mayeli Kohan, the head coach of Gahar Zagros in Iran Pro League, has recently censured the managers of Persepolis FC for appointing wrong officials for the team. Although he is managing a club in Iran’s top flight league but Mohammad Mayeli Kohan always has sight on Reds’ bench.

“It’s a long time that I have never talked about the situations of Persepolis FC. In fact nobody cares about my suggestions to the officials of Persepolis and you can see the negative outcomes of their false decisions in many subjects. I used to play for 14 years in Persepolis FC. Even in short period of time I was the captain of this club. So it was my right to be appointed as the head coach of Persepolis.” Mohammad Mayeli Kohan told reporters in post-match press conference held after the match versus Zob Ahan FC.

“Selecting Yahya Golmohammadi as the new head coach of Persepolis is a positive movement and I believe he can help his side to achieve its defined goals in this season.” Mayeli Kohan concluded. Recently Mohammad Royanian, the president of Persepolis, sacked the Portuguese Manuel Jose and appointed Golmohammadi as the head coach.

In 1976 Mohammad Mayeli Kohan joined Tehran based club, Persepolis FC. He played 14 seasons for this club and retired on 1990. Mayeli Kohan played for Iran national football team 6 times.

He took over the charge of Gahar Zagros in the second half of Persian Gulf. His team has garnered only 16 points from 21 matches and currently sits on 17th position of table.