Mohammad Esmaeil Saeedi Warns About Brain Drain in Iran

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Currently, millions of students are studying in Iranian universities and college. But only a few percentages of them find proper jobs after graduation, according to Majlis deputy from Tabriz Mohammad Esmaeil Saeedi. Iranian MP says country will face with the phenomenon of brain drain in near future.

“Fortunately, the education system of Iran is better than other countries in the Middle East region. Free and paid education centers in Iran aim to help Islamic Republic by educating avid students in various fields and majors. However, the government of Iran has not invested enough in the future of these students in country.” Mohammad Esmaeil Saeedi said during a live television show.

He went on to warn about Iran’s past investments. “After graduation from college or universities, many people fail to find suitable and proper jobs. According to official statistics, Iran has currently more than 8 million students in combined. If the Iranian government doesn’t manage these students properly, a large number of them will immigrate to other countries. In fact, this will waste Iran’s investments in education sectors.”

The current unemployment rate is more than 30% in Iran. However, Iranian government says this number stands at only 12%, but surveys conducted by unofficial sources reveal the real number of unemployment rate in Islamic Republic.

Over the past years, Iran had suffered from brain drain. Graduated students from Iranian top universities, usually choose European and North American countries as their final destinations. Socialists and economists have previously asked Iranian government to take a strict action in this field.