Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf to Concentrate on the Conditions of Iran’s Economy

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

Iranian presidential hopeful Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said on Tuesday that he will concentrate on local economy conditions if he gets elected by Iranian people in upcoming Islamic Republic’s presidential election.

Speaking to a group of reporters in a press-conference, Tehran mayor said: “I will try to resolve the current economic difficulties in country. Creating a better life for Iranians will be my next important duty if they elect me as the president of Islamic Republic.”

Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf also asked other presidential candidates to stop deceiving people by false slogans. “The best action is ending the false and artificial slogans.” Ghalibaf added.

According to the recent announcement made by Iran’s Guardian Council Saeed Jalili, Gholam-Ali Hadad Adel, Mohsen Rezaei, Hasan Rowhani, Mohammad-Reza Aref, Mohammad Gharazi, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf and Ali Akbar Velayati have been approved to run for Iran’s 2013 presidential election.

It is worth mentioning that Ghalibaf had also served as one of the senior commanders of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC) in later years. He was involved in crack down of Iran’s 1999 student protests. However, during the recent years he has managed to absorb a group of young people in Tehran. His activities as the Mayor of Tehran have been applauded by citizens.