Mobile App Gives Life Expectancy

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

futureIf you have a desire to make every day count, a new Mobile App called “Deadline” has been introduced on Apple’s App Store and apparently provides a countdown to the day you die.

Perhaps it seems like a gimmick, and really rather an unsavoury reminder of one’s mortality, however there is more to it than merely plucking out a date from thin air.

The app claims to use specific algorithms used by Life insurance companies when evaluating their clients.

Health & Lifestyle

By asking a series of health and lifestyle related questions, the app calculates the average life expectancy for the given answers. It then measures daily activity such as steps taken and exercise regimes (a feature only available on the iPhone 6), and updates the day of you demise accordingly.

The app also displays the countdown timer on the home screen of the phone, so every time the user goes to check the time they are reminded of just how long they have left.

It is hoped the app may be able to encourage more users to participate in serious exercise to prolong their lives, although it is not at this time able to pinpoint unexpected circumstances which can sadly occur from time to time, and result in a premature finish to the delights of modern day living and all it has to offer.