McCann Trolls Investigated by Metropolitan Police

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Written By Mahmoud Sarvari

MadeleineMcCannThe Metropolitan Police have been handed a dossier containing an array of social media postings relating to the parents of missing Madeleine McCann.

Madeleine went missing while on holiday in Portugal in 2007 aged just three, and has never been seen since, despite the most high profile missing child campaign ever seen in the world.

Her parents, both Doctors, were apparently out for the night with friends while leaving their daughter and twins at home alone. Upon returning they found Madeleine to be missing. No charges have been brought against anyone, no witnesses have been able to give any helpful evidence, no body has ever been found, and any reported sightings have been found to be mistaken.

Trolls believe they were in on it

There are those that believe the McCanns had a part to play in the disappearance of their daughter, and it would seem a few of this group have been forthcoming in posting their thoughts on the case on the internet.

Some posts relate to wanting to see the McCanns, tortured, burnt with petrol, or smashed into by a bus. Kate McCann, the mother of Madeleine was arrested in connection with the disappearance, and amazingly refused to answer nearly 50 questions which would have helped the investigation while under interrogation, but with a lack of evidence, no charges were put in place. The mother now enjoys annual television appearances on day time TV in the UK, and has even quit her job to seek more support for the “Find Madeleine” fund which, it has since been revealed has been used to pay off installments on the parents’ mortgage.

Public opinion is relatively low in terms of sympathy for the parents, and support for the foundation has more or less dried up. However, trolling does not often serve much of a purpose as the perpetrators quite often have very little in the way of constructive input – or sentence construction ability – to ever really be taken seriously by those seeking information on the case. However, a group which supports the McCanns has taken these posts very seriously, and has handed an 80 page dossier to the Met in order for action to be taken against the worst of the trolls.

In Fife, Scotland in 2013, a three year old boy Mikaeel Kular was reported missing by his mother, however upon further investigation his body was found in a shallow grave just outside his house in a woodland area. His un-employed mother is now serving 11 years in prison for the murder of her son.

While most have now given up on ever finding out what happened to Maddie, there are a group out there who still hope that one day somebody will crack the mystery.