Malaysian Investors to Receive Business Information About Iran

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Written By Farid Shojaei

Managing Director of collaboration group of Malaysian government and industry in high-tech industries said that his country has necessary potential to invest in Iran’s technology.

According to the report of Isfahan Governorate public relations office, Yusef Suleiman in a meeting with Isfahan Governor General here on Tuesday named construction of a factory to produce alcohol from plant spoilages, mixtures which increase age of citrus, nano and bio-technology as interested technologies for him.

Secretary of Malaysian aero-space association added that transferring such huge amount of investment will affect growth and development of Malaysia.

Isfahan Governor General Alireza Zaker Isfahani said in the meeting that investment in Iranian technology will make Iran’s access to the world markets much better.

He underlined necessity of more connection between Iran and Malaysia in favor of promotion of cooperation.

Isfahani explained about special capacities of the province in the field of science and modern technology and referred to production of iron, steel, cement and construction materials, petrochemical and food products.

He said that our approach is to increase quality of products and then presence in the world markets.

The governor welcomed Suleiman’s desires to invest in new technologies in Malaysia.