Lawyer: Iran’s Judiciary can Suspend Citizens from Traveling Abroad

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Recently Iran’s police warned citizens about their activities in foreign countries. According to the statement released by local government, police officers are able to not allow “wrongdoers” to leave Iran and do vicious activities in foreign countries. Mohammad Hossein Aghasi, Iranian Lawyer, says the Judiciary can suspend citizens from traveling abroad base on civil rules.

“According to Iranian laws, if someone violates rules inside the country he will be brought to courts. If the Judiciary system assumes the violator will potentially repeat same activities on foreign countries, then he will get suspended from leaving Iran and traveling to other countries. Iran’s Passport Police has the same option.” Mohammad Hossein Aghasi replied about a question regarding this announcement.

“The similar process happens for Iranians in foreign countries. If someone violates the rules of other countries and he get sentenced there, Iran’s embassies and consulates will advise Passport Police to not issue or renew the passports of violators. Although the government and Judiciary system have this right but they have used this option in rare conditions.” Mohammad Hossein Aghasi added.

Currently Turkey and Thailand are two popular destinations for Iranian tourists. Some Iranians visit these countries for sexual reasons since doing such activities is completely prohibited inside Iran and Iranian police arrest and reprimand those breaking Islamic rules. The religious leaders of Iran are not happy with this condition and they have repeatedly called for changes in rules to stop citizens from doing these activities in abroad.