Islamic Republic to Start Exporting Information and Communication Technology Services

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Written By Gholam Rahmani

Iran’s Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Technology Mohammad Karampour announced on Wednesday that the government of Islamic Republic is ready to start exporting information and communication technology services to more than 70 countries in all over the world.

“As reflected in Iran’s fifth national development plan, private-held companies must start exporting ICT services to other countries by the end of 2015. We believe the goals defined by development plan are achievable, and Iranian government is ready to support all companies which wish to invest in this field.” Mohammad Karampour remarked during a related seminar in Qom.

“In ICT field, Iran can take advantage from its massive potentials. By increasing the level of partnerships between Islamic Republic and the other countries, Iranian companies will be able to export their ICT services to these potential markets.” Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Technology added.

“We have been working on an internal project to export telecommunication facilities, consulting and engineering services to international markets. To reach these goals, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is ready to offer its supports to interested companies.” Mohammad Karampour added. He also declared that low-interest loans might be available for local companies on certain conditions.

“Accordingly we have formed a database of 70 countries, which have emerging markets for Iran’s ICT services. In cooperation with Islamic Republic’s consulates and embassies, the necessary negotiations will be done in order to expedite the process of exporting ICT services.” Karampour concluded.