Iran’s Police Warn about Traditional Coffee-Shops

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

Brigadier Abdolreza Agha Khani, Isfahan’s police chief, criticized the activities of traditional coffee-shops in country. He believes this kind of coffee-shops has become a secure place for gangs and bands to spend their times with each other.

“Currently, Iran’s police are actively monitoring the activities of people in traditional coffee-shops. We have not yet taken any action for closing coffee-shops, but police is determined in combating with bands that make their appointments in traditional coffee-shops across the country.” Brigadier Abdolreza Agha Khani told a press-conference on Tuesday.

A few months ago Iran’s morality police raided to traditional coffee-shops in order to punish boys and girls who were breaking Islamic rules in such places. Abdolreza Agha Khani also added that Iranian police is working on a plan to revoke certifications and licenses of traditional coffee-shops’ owners. “We are still studying this plan, but police will announce more details in this regard in future.”

According to Brigadier Abdolreza Agha Khani, a large number of police operations have been done in traditional coffee-shops. He urged people to warn their children about going to these kinds of places. “We ask people to stop their children including boys and girls going to these traditional coffee-shops.”

Socialists believe that Iranian young couples don’t have many options to go with, so they try to spend their times with each other in mixed traditional coffee-shops.