Iran’s Police to Force Drug Addicts into Treatment

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Written By Hasan Rezazadeh

As the number of drug addicts is increasing in Iran on daily basis, the local police is intending to force addicts into treatment. According to Brigadier-General Ahmad-Reza Radan , deputy commander of the Iranian police, the plan is running in country but police is going to increase its activities in this field.

“We have suggested the specific plans to force addicts into treatment; however, we are still considering this project. Iranian police has done great works to decrease the availability of drugs in streets but the results were not satisfactory and we have to double our efforts.” Ahmad-Reza Radan said. Accordingly police aims to increase its control on drug traffickers.

Iran’s Behzisti organization, which is responsible for addicts treatments projects, have opened more than 300 rehab centers in Iran but these institutions cannot serve thousands of addicts in country. Base on the official reports released by Iranian government there are more than 1,800,000 drug abusers in this Middle Eastern country.

Iranians consume more than 600 tons of narcotics each year. Hamid Saremi, deputy of Iranian National Drug Control Headquarters, has announced that drug claims the lives of more than 4000 Iranians annually. According to Taha Taheri, 10 Iranians die daily due to drug maltreatment.

Cheap and low quality drugs and narcotics have aggravated the conditions in Iran.