Iran’s Morality Police to Take Control of Ski Resorts

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

The morality division of Iranian police has circulated a new warning about acting unlawful jobs according to Islam Sharia in ski resorts. Brigadier-General Ahmad-Reza Radan, deputy commander of the Iranian police and Tehran’s police chief, has announced that police will prosecute those people doing such disgusting activities in these resorts.

“Iranian police will have serious presence in ski resorts to deal with insecurities and those people doing illegal jobs in contrary of Islamic rules. Prohibiting people from committing these acts is one of the most important responsibilities of Iran’s police and will follow our guidelines in the best way.” Ahmad-Reza Radan told reporters. However he said police has not yet received any reports from people about this problem.

A group of people censure the presence of police officers in these areas but Radan says police is doing its duty. “I have heard that some people are unhappy with this decision of police. But we are doing our portion and there is not anything wrong from our side on this subject.”

Police also bans women and girls from skiing unless accompanied by a husband, father, or brother. During the recent years, Iranian government has tried hard to implement Islamic rules as they had been neglected in Khatami’s spell.