Iran’s Morality Police Tighten Laws

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Written By Mostafa Moradi

Iran’s morality police have tightened its rules against “people violate Islamic guidelines” in Tehran and the other major cities of country. According to the new plan approved by Iran’s police, the morality division will stop people wearing bad Hijab and taking their pets, especially dogs, to streets.

Brigadier-General Ahmad-Reza Radan, deputy commander of the Iranian police and Tehran’s police chief, says the new restrictions have been requested by Iranians. “55% of people are worried about the conditions of Hijab in Tehran. So, we have ratified a round of new rules to stop citizens ignoring Islamic guidelines. Police always respect to the privacy of people, but we will not allow a group of wrongdoers to ignore civil rules.”

“The new plan will be applied in several province including Khorasan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Gilan, Mazandaran, Kerman, parts of Tehran and Alborz. We have selected our elements in various cities to start their missions.” Ahmad-Reza Radan added.

Brigadier-General went on to warn people bringing their dogs to streets. “We will stop cars and persons who take their pets to streets, because this practice is against Islam’s Sharia. Also the women wearing bad Hijab must not appear in public. Muslims in Iran cannot tolerate such behaviors from a certain group of people.”

Currently the religious leaders in Iran have negative views on dogs and pets. Naser Makarem Shirazi, spiritual guide for Shia Muslims, had described the common Iranian inclination toward dogs as “blindly imitating the West”; something that he believes will result in “evil outcomes.”